Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Two Types of Good Boyfriend

It’s Valentine Day and i’m one of those people who have a lover! So i think I shouldn’t missed out this opportunity to impart some cocky knowledge about love. I’m not an expert. No one is. Especially since i have only dated one guy in my life. But as my FB status shamelessly said
 “I've seen many phases of you. I've seen your hairstyle and appearance changing every year. So even though you're my first boyfriend, i feel like i've dated a lot of men. teeheehee.. Happy Valentine my big head Sumenjit Maibam :P

i do feel like i have dated a lot many men \m/ 
(on a different note, i got 32 'like' in less than 24hours at the cheesy PDA FB update, everyone is a little crazy)

"People don’t change", they say. "Everyone changes", they say. Both of them are true. And both of us have come so far. The only thing that remained are my insanity and his patience.  

But let me come back to why i think i qualified that i know about love. It’s simple. I have been on both sides. When i was a young i was a complete Tomboy. I had lotsa guy friends who never considered me as a girl and hence i was inside the loop. I know how their mind works. Trust me guys are not that complex.

Then i came to college and decided to shed my boyishness. I’m successful. I mean, new people whom i meet now will never believe i was quite manly in my school days. But the problem arises when i encountered these old friends. Yes, those who know about my dark past. hehehe

You see, most of my high school friends still have a hard time digesting i’m not gay. I don’t blame them(you should have seen me 10 years back). And whenever we spoke about my boyfriend, they needed time to laugh and double checked i was telling the truth.

So.. i started updating my BF's pictures on FB just to convinced them it’s not imaginary. Hehehe. I still do. And some of them still think i’m bluffing. Stupid fools!

Anyways enough private story about me. let me share what i learned about love so far.

There’re two kinds of good boyfriend.

i)                    He's your best friend and he treats you like a buddy.
ii)                   He’s romantic and he treats you like a princess. 

Most girls would prefer the 2nd option. But both have its pros & cons:

Romantic  BF

Pros: He will buy you roses, chocolates and teddies. He will never let you do your things alone and hence you will never be lonely. You will feel really special.

Cons: He will hate it when you hang out with your other guy friends. He will ask lotsa question when you’re having a night out, embarrassing you in front of your friends. He will be very possessive and i guarantee tears in your life :P

Best Friend kind

Pros: He will trust you. He won’t follow you around like a puppy dog. You are completely independent to happily do your own thing. He will be your strength mentally in everything you do.

Cons:  He won’t remember to gift you at Valentine. Or bother about candle light dinner. At times you might feel you’re not loved and make you wanna have an affair :P

Don't throw shoes at me now. It's true !! (generally). However at the end of the day, it's Love, LoVe and only LOVE that can make a relationship survive with pure happiness. 

And you know what? It's very easy to LOVE.

 (to those applicable)


  1. Nice write Gracy...for me..I prefer the 2nd one. love is indeed make it last forever is another thing and apart from the two love birds there are lots of factors that affect and control one's love.
    Keep writing :-)

    1. yes Ronika, so true! But that comes when you think about marriage.. Love in itself is quite an adventure no? hehehe

    2. Yes dear...god I missed it.. :-)

    3. Life's too short to remain single.. Go get yourself a boyfriend !! hehehe..

    4. lol!! sure now I am ready..hehe

  2. Gender reverted, then it's applicable with some minor changes. The cons of your best buddies help you differentiate boyfriend to boyfriends (buddies) and are not cons after all ;)

    1. how can it differentiate? he's your guy that you already know but most of the time he'll forget to act like a romantic man. that's bad. a healthy balance should be maintained between the two types of guy. i kept that for the readers to figure out :D

  3. Now its simplified! Good night...

  4. Love will find its way indeed!! Indifference will find an excuse!! :)

  5. AHAH :) great classification...
    i loved the second kind very much..
    Happy V day,good luck ahead :)

    1. I bet it's coz you're one of the second kind. haha. and Thanks!

  6. quite an interesting post.....i was a tomboy in school and a bit better in college..and my relationships(though few)..always ended in disaster..and i thought either the guys i chose are wrong..or there is something wrong with me.......on the other closest and best friends till today are guys.....

    then i opted for an arranged marriage ...and love found me...i think i never could have found this lovely human being by myself, even if had gone out dating 100 guys by myself.....

    so my point is very very complicated...but once u find it with the right becomes somewhat easy!!!

    1. so nice to know that happy ending exist. and you're absolutely right. we need the right person! or else nothing makes sense.

      you got a lovely blog. keep writing! and keep visiting! :D

  7. damn i dont fit anywhere lol
    happy valentine month to u and ur gym going boy ;) njoy

    1. perhaps you will be there when i write about bad boyfriends! lolz.. but first you need to get yourself a steady GF ! :P

    2. Gracy u dont know how hard i m trying to get a steady GF *wipe sweats* maa kasam :)

    3. hahaha.. why do i strongly believe that you will be having a GF by the end of this year? a steady one :D

    4. If that happens straight luhongba it is ¦D


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