Thursday, 29 March 2012


Spring is here and my sun has risen
The darkness in my heart surpassed alright
The wind and the flowers
All colors and warms.
The darkness of the winter has now been calmed.
Little thoughts became clear
And my mind sings along
Happy to dance as the roses bloomed some more
Cheerful faces with kind smile attached
The world rejoiced as beauty took it's place
Spring is here and i still sing
I'll sing till the butterflies goes to sleep.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Fair

“STOP THIS THING RIGHT NOW!!” , dad shouted below towards the operator who stood there watching us with a grin, showing all his teeth.

Me, my younger sister and dad were in an Indian fair a.k.a Mela riding a copter type thingy that spin round and round in a very loud noise, high up the air.

It was my first time to a fair and I was very excited and happy. My eyes scanned everything, all the colors and weird people and tricks. It was a wonderful treat.

Being a child, it was very easy to forget that I was in a totally different mood a few hours back. The thing was, our Nanny left us. She was getting married soon and so that day we had a farewell party inviting everyone we know for lunch.

I cried a lot when we parted. She was like a sister, a friend and a second mother to me. She had been staying at our house since I was a little baby. Now I was a tall girl of 4th std. Yet I cant help but cry at the unfairness of all. For all i know, she left us.

So while I was all broken and sad, Dad decided to rescue me and took us to the fair.

Back to 15 min prior to the scene where dad was shouting:
It so happened that I wanted to try out the various rides. And so dad carried us inside this mock train/copter type thing? He consoled us that nothing will happen. He said we will enjoy it.

The ride begun with lotsa sounds of cracking metal. The thing looked like it will break apart any second.

After about 3 high speed spins I was feeling nausea, my sis was almost in tears and dad was screaming! I guess the thick head who're operating the buttons have seen way too many drama. They didn't even bother to look concerned. I peeped through the window and saw one of them laughing at us.

I stared at my dad open mouthed. I have never seen my fearless dad lose his cool before. And so to my young undeveloped mind, the sanity of my Dad was the issue here. It looked like we were about to lose him any moment.

He banged at the metal wall and shouted at them to stop the wild ride.I find myself shouting too. Seeing me, my sister shouted too. Three of us screamed our lungs out. And that my friend was pure thrill. Can't get any more real than that. Haha. And yes, they stopped.

Dad puked once he reached ground and later shouted at them some more too. I guess that made him felt better.

Once we know he was alright, we started to laugh. We told everyone about it when we reached home. We made fun of him.

It was only after i grew up that i realized the implication of his action. He was afraid of heights. He has motion sickness so he never travel by bus too. Yet that day he climbed those stairs only for us. He wanted his daughters to experience something natural which could make us happy. He didn't think about his fears. He could have easily ignored it and we wont have complained much. Or he could have just let us take the ride by ourselves. But he knew we will be scared and so he was there to hold our hands. It was a very selfless act. It is a different story that he panicked later.. ahaha.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Long bus ride Alone

My bus stopped at a Dhaba by the road. All passengers started to get down.
“Do you know where the bathroom is?”, a girl stranger asked me in a hushed tone . And that started a friendship. :D

Travelling alone for a girl is always uncomfortable for many. But i don’t mind. I can watch the beautiful sceneries and daydream the whole journey.

Also, i don’t get motion sickness like most people. So again travelling by bus is fun. If you’re going by flight or train, you don’t get to see the real view of the places you’re passing through. Trust me!

Assam : source Google
I was on my way to Silchar starting from Dibrugarh. At that moment i was feeling a bit cheated. I was tricked into believing by a certain friend that the bus ride will take only 8 hours from Guwahati. But no! The traffic jammed big time on the narrow twisted road to Shillong and it took forever to cross Meghalaya.

My cell phone battery died since i was on the road for more than 24 hours (bad dying battery). Everyone in that bus was male..old man, young man, teenage boys. Except me and this girl. And i’m thankful for the company. 

The sky was filling up with a strong wind and grey clouds, making it so dark and beautiful. Small droplets of rain splattered on the window pane giving an aroma of water all around. I loved that smell. 

So i sat there staring at the nature and i was glad i had someone to talk about how pretty it looked. She was a medical student from Dibrugarh and was going to Shillong to write an exam. She was funny and witty and we instantly clicked. (Well, that’s not entirely true. We both hunt for a decent toilet for almost 15min together, and that’s how we clicked :p  ) We talked as if we were childhood friends meeting after a long time.

She was also travelling alone and that made me like her by default. I prefer ladies who are independent and fearless. We shared our stories while the rain splattered some more creating more traffic jams and another rumor of landslides. 

Travelling around the hills of northeast was never advised by my parents. There’s always a chance of landslide and getting stuck. So, I didn’t tell them that i was going such a long way. I took leave from work and headed off backpacking. It was a small journey for me, a small adventure nevertheless. 

Source : Google :)

The views were mind blowing. I had this close to nature experience when i saw this blue bolt of lightning striking the green field in the horizon.

But my friendship with her was short-lived. She got down at Shillong and we didn’t even exchange numbers. And i travelled all alone from then on occupying double the bus seat all to myself.

 That night i saw a big moon. The next day was “Supermoon” which was why i was going to meet a friend. We wanted to stare at the moon together in this historic event and also play holi.
Supermoon. Remember that word? It was supposed to have the biggest view of the moon. I tried to click some picture from my non-SLR digital camera and it came out like this. But sadly, this time i got no one beside me to share its beauty. 

Supermoon snake : The camera shake while the bus moved. hehehe


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