Wednesday, 25 July 2012


My last entry was at May?!! Jesus Christ! That’s too damn long. A quick calculation online revealed it’s been 77days. Well, at least it didn’t pass 100days or the expression would have been “Jesus fucking Christ!!”

So, controlling this strong urges to tell you guys that i was on an important mission or that i went to some exotic places or that i was in a coma, i just want to inform ya’all that I was abducted by aliens (the urges won). But i’m back. And i won’t promise to write more :P But i will promise you this, THIS Garbage ain’t dead YET!

I also want my blogger friends to know that i sometime visit your blog like a ghost, silently at the death of the night and snigger at your lame jokes.  Yes, i’m watching you!

Now let me add some personal feelings to end this shitty update. I’m in a time machine right now. Not literally, duh! But i am in some kind of state where only time passes while nothing else happens. I know that i will wake up after a few years in the future and realized that my one-way time travel have wasted my youth or what little that was left of it. I will then mourn of being the person that i have become, the person waiting for nothing. I will try to wake up from that nightmare only to realize that it wasn’t a dream. And i will explode to a million pieces and join the emptiness, forever. Fun no?