Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bye Bye 2012

There’s a certain beauty when things come to an end. Certain charm and calmness associated with a loss, no matter how grave. As the believers finally realized that the Mayans had been trolling the world for a long time and as 2012 steadily passed by giving us the middle finger, we have no other choice but to look forward to our future with a little sense of foreboding and a little hope. For we know not what plan is in store. Or if there’s a plan at all.

Looking back at my year i see more chaos than glory. More death and fear haunting the country. Our small State in a verse of communal violence. Right now the only happy memory i recall of the year 2012 was when Hulk smashed Loki. Boy, that felt soooo good.  The only other happy moment was when i quit my job. Good riddance!

I spent my free time discovering myself but i’m still lost. I did things that i always wanted to do but i still want more. And that’s the beauty of being alive..the incompleteness..

It’s 1:45 am in Bangalore, India. It’s the New Year, 2013. May it bring exciting new things with colors and speed. God Bless.