Tuesday, 19 February 2013

He's my Gold

Not pretentious, certainly not malicious.
A gentle breed of rare kind, he’s my gold.

Had trouble befell me, a sword he’ll carry.
Always my saviour, he kept me whole.

Madness in his stories, explaining weird theories.
Laughter lies around him, he’s here to shine.

Honest and simplicity, foiling his duplicity
A reason why I love him, he’s my own.

- by Gracy

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A ghostly affair

The chair creaks ever so silently. The light flickers gently. A soft moan touches the air of the hallway. She knows that no one was sitting at the chair, no one visible that is. It was just another normal night at Nikki's apartment. She stared at the empty seat for a few second and continued to read her novel though she sensed a pair of eyes watching her.

She had known for a while now that her apartment was haunted. She doesn't mind them anymore. At this point of life, she doesn't mind anything at all.

Nikki is 36 and single, living alone in an apartment which she bought 8 years ago. She’s a loner who once thought she found love, but he ended up being a gay and she decided to stay away from men. She never went to any invites when her relatives try to connect. She had stopped pretending to live a happy life long ago.

It had been 3 years now when she first got a subtle doubt that she wasn’t alone in her apartment. That day she was watching a comedy series on TV and she distinctly heard someone laughing from behind her sofa. Occasionally she would hear whispers and footsteps. As time passed by they become less secretive more bold in their ghostly affairs.

By now she have adapted to them being around. It doesn’t spook her anymore. She had reasoned herself into believing that she won’t freak out as long as they don’t show her any disfigured bloodied face.

She had one complaint though. They took things without asking. “Why touch my things when you don’t even need them!” she would shout in the air, frustrated. They always give it back though, after a few days or weeks.

She closed her novel and removed her glasses. The chair made a sound again.
“Tomorrow i will start a new novel and read it out loud”, she mumbled and yawned.

As she turn off the lights, nested her head comfortably in her pillow, slowly transcending into oblivion she hear a soft whisper saying “Goodnight”.