Sunday, 5 May 2013

Life @ BPO

“This is your honeymoon stage!”, said the trainer for the second time. She suppressed a giggle. She had been doing that a lot lately, suppressing laughter when she should be rolling on the floor. It was the 3rd week of her training. Life at BPO was a breath of fresh air comparing to all the uncertainties she faced in the past couple of months. People are less serious, dresses are less formal and it was easy to slip in the background when she doesn’t wanna be noticed.  

 There was always someone or the other to entertain her thoughts. Be it the weirdo who loves stealing water bottle, the Shaktiman who kept calling her crazy, the cockroach eater who tends to pull her hair, the girl who likes poking her to provoke a response or the hyperactive boy who likes playing with people’s chair. The team have all sorts of people. And now they were listening intently to what the trainer had to say about the incentives and bonus the company had to offer. No sleepy eyes this time!

It was Friday night and they were all in very good moods. The tall trainer had explained that training period is the fun part and there they refer it as “The Honeymoon Stage”. She can’t help but compare the jokes that go around inside the room with that of her former work environment. For a start it was much more funnier though vulgar at times. A freedom that was not there in her previous life. Among other things.

She knew this life won’t last. But she had always wanted to experience life at BPO and work on night shifts. Keeping a mental note to cross out this item from her bucket list, her attention shifted to “the friend” who speaks with his eyebrows. He was looking a little tensed since he was giving a presentation and answering questions, thereby making his expression more cartoony. He kept on repeating “It’s for the Customer’s Satisfaction”. She suppressed her laughter again almost killing her this time. “This is going to be harder than i thought”, she mused.


  1. sure it was fun while it lasted...young, carefree, full of energy...i miss those days...sigh!

    1. I'm beginning to understand why u were upset even when you got a better job.

  2. Gracyyy... You are hell of a writer :P :)
    Keep going re..
    anyways we enjoy making you angry :D
    Dont control your emotions...let it flow :)

    1. Thanks Shaitan. I think i've improved on my anger management tactics :P

  3. Thats how i play it..
    I irritate the person..later on they give up their anger.. :)
    When i became angry thats a different story :P

  4. I wonder what's going inside your head.


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