Friday, 2 January 2015


 It wasn’t planned. All good memories in my life happen unplanned. And this was a ride which I will remember for a long time.
The party was supposed to start at 8pm on the starting of this Newest Year of our current life. Most of us already had our separate New Year Eve party on 31st and was ready for more on the 1st day of the year “2015”.  But only one friend showed in time. Irony is this one friend often ditched us at other times. So this was a treat for me. After that I had a short panic moment when this best friend switched off her mobile and disappeared from the face of the Earth ( a human being doesn’t exist in my world if they don’t have a mobile).  And me being high and dramatic thought that she ditched me which made me muttered  stuff like “if she don’t get her ass here today I’m never gonna talk to her in my life, ever, my entire life, yes, never ever.. yeahhh…”

But then it all worked out. And around  2:30am we random six totally different people found ourselves on the Mysore highway having one of the best bike ride. Lucky to have two beautiful ladies to share the moment with and my pillion ride was with this long hair mysterious guy who likes to talk about weird ideas like me. The two other guys are from my work and whom I’ve grown very fond and respect. We made a good team.

We ride with the wind in our hairs till the sun rises in the horizon. Of course stopping at many places on the way to create small memories. I think I like 2015 already. 

Thought I will stop by to write this blog post and make it a tradition to start each year with a New Year wish. So here’s wishing everyone reading this to have a great year ahead!! Enjoy and Live Free.