Thursday, 28 April 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I always write a post when it’s the New Year. This year, I didn’t. So here I am 4 months late writing a post in my dead blog. Déjà Vu

Night of 31st Dec 2015 :

Midnight was fast approaching. And we were ready. By ready I meant stocking a couple of booze like old monk, some cheap beers, kebabs and lotsa unhealthy snacks. The usual. We are a low maintenance group. We like hanging out with crazy friends, get drunk, get loud and laugh at the most silliest thing which aren’t funny at all when we are sober. 

At times one of us will start a fight, get all emotional and accuse the other of some stupid thing that happened 7 months ago. Tears and screams will follow. And it will end with all of us hugging each other in a dramatic happy ending. Unless another person decides to accuse another person about another stupid stuff.

I thought all these madness was over for me. I’m married now. Though it’s been only a month, things have changed. I feel I need to be more responsible and commit my crazies only to my husband. So tonight I was with three of my closest friends, toning down my so called "crazies" and telling myself that this is the last time. After all, these three were like my extended family. My best friend Rosy, the kickass Reeya and non-drinker Nizam. They were at my wedding too. They traveled 3000km from their home to a semi-violent unpredictable land just for me. That qualified them to be in my top rated friend list (if I have any list).

Midnight, dawn of 1st Jan 2016:

It was countdown time. We were tipsy. We all ran up the stairs to the 6th floor terrace of Rosy’s Apartment. Some other resident were already there. The night was noisy. Lots of firecrackers everywhere. And since we were pretty high up, we could see the colors exploding very near us, making it all the more awesome.

Boom Boom Boommm the sounds go and we were jumping like little kids grinning from ear to ear. It was a Happy New Year to be with them. I wont be seeing them in a while since I was leaving for US to be with my husband a few weeks from now. My mind drifted to my husband. He missed it all since he was in a flight at that moment, heading to Atlanta. He left yesterday. I wished he was here.

Another group of resident came up with a big chocolate cake and they shared it with us. Such a good Samaritan. Maybe coz we were staring at those cakes hungrily. Hmmm..

We all started wishing each other. To friends as well as strangers.  Also calling up people if our busy pompous network will allowed us. The air was filled with happiness and hope. I guess its coz people want the thought of a new beginning. Though it may not change anything in our life, we still hope that there’s a good thing coming in this brand new year and it’s only natural to welcome it with open arms.

So yeah that was my new year 2016. Some stuff did happen after that; like me chopping off my long hair with a blunt scissor which I found in Rosy’s kitchen.  But that’s all drunk talk. And all’s well now.