Hello & Welcome to Della’s space. If you accidently browse into this page and now wondering what this is all about, then let me spare you the trouble. This is just another weblog. I made it simply because I  CAN.

Well, I always wanted to have my own blog since God knows when. But now that i finally got one, i’m all lost for word. Stuffs i write are either too personal or too irrelevant. Then i thought.. What the hell !! My blog ! My space! I’ll write whatever the hell i want !! :P

So , this is me trying to leave a piece of myself on D web. And join the other rats at writing blog that no one reads...



  1. well it's not like no one read it, i just did :)
    and it was fun to read...

    1. lolz. I'm honored that you find my short intro fun. Thanks!!

    2. it was short and witty thus was fun to read, coz who will want to read those long descriptions that people post, isn't it. keep this up... :)
      and btw you don't use facebook that often do you, i messaged you there, did you see it?

    3. nope i didn't. but i use facebook everyday. how??! and thanks again :)

    4. ok let me add you there (may i have your permission miss :P)
      and Gracy let me tell you, you will make a fantastic author one day for sure, and might be 10 years from now you might be a best-selling one (buttering up :P)...
      but seriously you have the potential, a little bit of grammar check and you will be perfect :)

    5. wow So nice! I got an editor now though. So learning more about grammars. hehehe. I'll follow u on twitter. Facebook is a bit private :)

    6. oh i'm honored to be considered to be your editor :P
      and thanks for following me on twitter :)
      and tell me what's so private that you hide it from your editor :P
      hehe, jus kiddin...

    7. small confusion.. i wasn't talking about you when i said i got an editor now :) i was talking about my sis

    8. oh sorry for the wrong assumption on my part :P
      hey you can read my first article on blogspot that i just created, it is at: "" :)
      it is a bit boring type of article but still it would be cool if you read it :)

  2. oh and i'm Amit Dash at facebook...


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